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Strong technical force
By PRO-E software, improving the product design, according to customers request, reasonable structure design, cost-effective first-class products. By tracking the long production process, develop and manufacture the patented product more suitable equipment. Professional treatment R & D team to continuously improve our level of heat capacity, so that we can stay ahead in competition.

Strict process control Has a direct reading spectrometer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, and impact, tensile, hardness, crystal equal number of analytical and testing equipment, by experienced quality control personnel for each batch of raw materials and comprehensive testing of each batch, the production process for 100% inspection, with both the quality department with the inspection system from time to time, on all products every process a comprehensive quality control. The quality of staff awareness training. Product quality and timely support, according to the dynamic fluctuations, and analysis of potential hazards, develop effective measures and solutions.

World-class quality levels Provide customers with high quality products is the goal we have pursued in order to optimize business processes, 6S, lean production is more widely used in manufacturing the most advanced production management methods, have been effectively applied to company operations in order to reduce costs, improve manufacturing processes, to ensure that our products are world-class quality standards.

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